BC’s First Solar-Powered Residential Community

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Partnering with Hakai Energy Solutions, each home in the Promontory community will have built-in solar panels, which offset annual energy costs by as much as 2800 kWh/yr.

Solar panels 1
Promontory Kelowna - the BC's first solar powered townhome community

Each Promontory townhome unit will include:

  • Rooftop Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems (PV) that supply power into each of the Promontory Development homes electrical panels to offset day-to-day energy consumption.
  • One bedroom units will have 1.2 kW AC (4 module) PV systems installed.
  • 2 and 3-Bedroom units will have 2.4 kW AC (8 module) PV systems installed.
  • Solar panels include a 25 year warranty.
  • Each metered electrical service will have a net metering agreement established with Fortis.
  • Easy to monitor energy production and usage with a smart app.

Add-on options include:

  • Option to expand the number of modules per unit for increased savings.
  • Option for battery storage is available (including Tesla Powerwall).
  • Option to install an electric charging station in your garage.
Hakai Energy Solutions has been a leader in BC’s growing solar power industry since 2004, specializing in unique solutions for both off-grid and grid-tied solar power. Their expertise ensures reliable and cost efficient power solutions to homeowners looking to offset their energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and increase their property values.

Download solar panel feature sheet (PDF)